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Luca Fontana | About
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Luca Fontana (class 1988) is currently based in Milan. He earned his Bachelor degree in Photography and Visual Arts at the European Institute of Design. He begins immediately to work as assistant with some of the mostly prominent commercial photographers into the Italian panorama. At the same time he starts his own artistic career as a freelance photographer and photo retoucher, which leads him to have many years of experience in the advertising and publishing industry. He worked with international agencies and companies. His artistic research is focused on the portraiture genre, interested in the study of the human face in all its kinds and peculiarities, without ignoring the lifestyle and still life fields.


Adidas – Vodafone – Gazzetta dello Sport – TBWA – Mc Saatchi – Mc Donald’s – Colmar – Generali Assicurazioni – San Pellegrino – Pollini – Casadei – La Martina – BNL – Coni – Parking agency – Aquafresh – Rex Industries